Riparian Mitigation and Restoration
Project Title: Queen Ditch Restoration Project
Project Location: City of Newark, Essex County, New Jersey
Project Sponsor: City of Newark
Client: CDM Smith

The City of Newark proposed to re-activate and restore the Queen District Diversion Chamber and Queen Ditch to original ditch capacity in order to clear blockages and alleviate flooding experienced in the surrounding area. The work would include modification to the existing Queen Ditch Diversion Structure, installation of a new precast box culvert, installation of new floatables control system, construction of new headwall with tide-gate, and dredging, excavation and restoration of an existing open channel and existing twin box culverts. Amy Greene Environmental (AGE) was contracted to perform a delineation of wetlands and State open waters, which focused on an un-named tributary of Peddie Ditch locally known as Queen Ditch. AGE was also tasked with design of a Wetland and Riparian Zone Restoration Plan.

Existing published information was studied to determine the approximate extent of wetlands at the project site. A wetlands field delineation was performed in July 2015. Vegetation, soils, and hydrology were examined for evidence of wetland characteristics according to the methodology outlined in the Federal Manual for Identifying and Delineating Jurisdictional Wetlands (Federal Interagency Committee on Wetland Delineation, 1989) in accordance with NJDEP requirements under the NJ Freshwater Wetlands Protection Act rules. Palustrine scrub-shrub/Palustrine emergent wetlands were delineated on both sides of eastbound Route 22. The associated wetland transition area was anticipated to be classified as exceptional resource value due to its association with critical foraging habitat for the NJ State-listed threatened black-crowned night-heron. A Wetland Delineation Report was prepared. AGE also prepared and submitted draft and final Wetland and Riparian Zone Restoration plans for CDM Smith’s use in the permit applications.

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