Project Title: Broad Channel Streets and Bulkheads Reconstruction
Project Location: Queens Borough, Queens County, New York
Project Sponsor: NYC Department of Design and Construction
Client: Hazen and Sawyer / AKRF, JV

The Broad Channel Neighborhood in the Borough of Queens is situated in low-lying geography bordering Jamaica Bay and is subject to monthly flooding from lunar tide cycles and storm events. There are currently no or inadequate bulkheads protecting six (6) streets which terminate at Jamaica Bay. The New York City Department of Design and Construction (NYCDDC) proposes to construct bulkheads and drainage infrastructure and subsequently reconstruct, widen and regrade these streets to improve the flow of water to the new storm sewers. Rip rap revetments are proposed on the bay side of the bulkheads to help decrease the effect of wave action on the bulkheads. Amy Greene Environmental (AGE) was contracted to provide wetland delineation and environmental permitting services for the project.

AGE performed a field delineation of both NYSDEC and USACE jurisdictional wetlands. Federally regulated wetlands were delineated in accordance with the 1987 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Manual for Delineating Jurisdictional Wetlands and the North Central and Northeast Regional supplement, as required by the USACE under the Federal Clean Water Act. NYSDEC regulated tidal wetlands were delineated in accordance with the NYSDEC regulatory definitions of Tidal Wetlands. AGE performed a field survey of soils, vegetation and hydrology; flagged the wetland/upland boundary; took color photographs; recorded soils, vegetation and hydrologic characteristics of wetlands and uplands at representative locations in the project area; and prepared a wetland delineation report to document the basis of the delineation. The delineation is facilitating design of project plans that reduce impacts to wetlands and are consistent with regulatory programs. AGE identified the applicable environmental permits required for project construction. Applications for a NYSDEC Article 25 Tidal Wetlands Permit and Article 15 Protection of Waters Permit; NYSDEC Individual State Water Quality Certificate, NYSDOS Coastal Consistency Review; NYC Waterfront Revitalization Program Review; and Pre-Construction Notification for USACE Nationwide Permits #7 and #14 were prepared.

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