Habitat Restoration Design

The objective of habitat restoration is to restore a previously disturbed area to a natural habitat type utilizing native plant species. In general, the Habitat Restoration Plan should utilize a season-appropriate grass mixture and installation of native tree, shrub and herbaceous species. The plan is prepared and submitted to the appropriate state and/or federal agency overseeing the project.

Amy Greene Environmental will work with the project team to develop the Habitat Restoration Plan in accordance with the design specifications outlined in the Invitation for Bid. As part of the preparation of the Plan, our team will:

  • conduct a review of scientific literature regarding plant community composition of similar landscape positions in the region in order to define the target plant community composition of the project;
  • provide an introduction including the type of habitat to be disturbed, the goals of the restoration plan, and a discussion of how the restoration plan will satisfy those goals;
  • provide photos of the proposed restoration site including the location of permanent photo points for use in tracking the development of the project;
  • provide a description of the existing and proposed soils and plant communities within the proposed restoration site;
  • develop a Plan including a planting plan with details, a list of species to be planted within each proposed plant community type, the proposed location of the proposed plant communities and planting specifications in accordance with the project specifications;
  • develop a preventative maintenance or adaptive management plan for the restoration area including long term maintenance for use by the Government for maintenance beyond the contractor's one year maintenance period;
  • develop an inspection schedule and reporting format in accordance with the project specifications which will encompass the first growing season and provide the overseeing agency with updates regarding the growth, survival and development of the restoration project through out the first growing season.

Our staff will staff prepare applications for and obtain NJDEP, NYSDEC, PADEP and USACE approvals for these projects.

Amy Greene Environmental restoration specialists will coordinate delivery of all plant materials, inspect plants at the site prior to planting, and supervise plant installation including seeding and/or stabilization in accordance with the approved Plan.

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