Environmental Construction & Post Construction Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is performed to ensure construction activities comply with pre-determined environmental provisions.

Our biologists have extensive experience surveying for threatened and endangered species and we can provide biological monitors, and/or environmental inspectors to ensure project construction is adhering to permit requirements, mitigation measures, and/or applicable regulations. Our Project Managers have significant experience in agency facilitation, negotiation, and reporting, which are key elements of successful compliance programs.

Our biologists have extensive construction monitoring experience on a wide range of projects. Our team conducts monitoring for wetland restoration projects, sediment and erosion control measures, presence of threatened and endangered species, and more. Our inspectors ensure that construction activities adhere to permit conditions, as well as protect habitat and other environmentally sensitive areas. As construction monitors, we often serve as agency liaisons for the duration of the project. We design and recommend custom programs, tools, and procedures to maintain compliance throughout project construction. Our Project Managers attend preconstruction meetings, conduct regular site visits, communicate with clients and construction teams, and supply accurate report of findings.

Post-Construction & Post-Planting Monitoring

As condition of agency approval, monitoring of a wetland mitigation or upland habitat restoration site may be required to ensure planting success. Amy Greene Environmental Restoration Specialists have extensive experience in performing post planting monitoring tasks; which generally include spring and fall site visits per growing season, checking the overall health and vigor of the plantings, determining if noxious or invasive weed species are encountered in quantities that are sufficient to displace planted species, determining if herbivory is resulting in plant mortality, inspecting and maintaining rodent protection, and identifying the need for maintenance activities.

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