Arboriculture and Urban Forestry

Trees offer many benefits to a community. There are environmental benefits; they improve local microclimates, mitigating solar heating in the summer and reducing blustery winds in the winter. Trees reduce noise and air pollution and their shade helps soils to retain moisture, making it available to other plants and soil dwelling organisms. They provide psychological and aesthetic benefits; many people feel that just being in the presence of trees lifts the spirit and scientific data is accumulating on the connection between the presence of green vegetation and improved human mental and physical health. Finally, trees have economic benefits; they increase the value of real estate and local governments capture some of this monetary value since enhanced property values increase assessed values and therefore the tax base.

To realize these benefits trees must be properly selected, planted, maintained, and ultimately, removed and replaced.

For municipalities, homeowners, estate and property managers, or anyone charged with the maintenance and risk management of trees, Amy Greene Environmental offers a full range of Consulting Arborist and Urban Forestry Services including:

Click here for information and treatment options for the Emerald Ash Borer.

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